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Find a Toronto LawyerFind the best Toronto and Canadian Business Lawyer, Tax Lawyer, Family Law Lawyer, Employment Lawyer, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Personal Injury Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer, Administrative Law Lawyer. This website provides information about highly recommended Toronto Lawyers, their legal firms and their specific areas of practice.

In most cases the lawyers listed on this website, , offer a free initial consultation. If you have any questions or wish to find out more simply visit their websites or contact the lawyer through our online form. You may also go to our contact page to contact us or a Toronto Lawyer.

Why Find A Toronto Lawyer Directory is different - most legal directories have scores of lawyers and legal firm including ads. This does not provide you with a really focused search for lawyers in certain areas of practice. We have researched the firms that are on this site and they have meet our criteria for excellence in their area of practice. That is why you will find only three lawyers or law firms listed in each distinct area of practice. Along with an outline of their firm and practice area there are links to their websites as well as to the specific area of practice.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Where assistance from an experienced and trusted lawyer may be necessary:

There are many types of legal issues that require a lawyer's knowledge and experience. You should consider contacting and consulting with one of the Toronto lawyers listed on our site if you have suffered an injury, been wrongfully terminated at work, are thinking about starting a business, considering separation or divorce, or have a tax problem.

Find a Toronto LawyerLawyers can help with legal problems both before or after a problem occurs. For example, consulting a lawyer before a legal issue arises can help you anticipate and prevent serious legal problems or after a job termination or personal injury.

One of the lawyers listed on the area of practice will assess the legal issues and can tell you as to whether it is worthwhile to obtain legal assistance and/or pursue legal action. In most cases the initial consultation is free and you will be able to assess as to how to proceed with your legal issue.

The lawyer you choose will evaluate all aspects of your legal situation with you, explain your options and what to expect, and will take any action necessary to ensure that your legal rights are fully assessed and protected including researching the law, interviewing witnesses, collecting records, conferring with expert consultants, planning legal strategy, preparing and filing necessary paperwork, and negotiating with opposing counsel -- all of this is done with you in mind to ensure the best possible outcome for your legal issue.

Areas of Practice

The Toronto Lawyers featured on this website are acknowledged as being some of the best lawyers and are highly recommended in their areas of practice.

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